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Welcome to Whitehead Golf Club. Our Captain Mr Frazer McKendrick would like to wish all members good luck for the new 2022 golfing season

Whitehead Golf Club

On behalf of the Officers and Council of Whitehead Golf Club may we extend a warm welcome to our web site. We hope you find it most informative and we can assure you of an equally warm reception should you consider visiting the club.


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Set in picturesque settings, Whitehead Golf Club is renound for its natural beauty on a Parkland styled course.This is a picture of the 17th , one of the toughest holes on the course which requires a well positioned tee shot. The approach shot is to an elevated green with a false front and can catch even the best golfers out when determining yardage, especially on a windy day.
Whitehead Golf Club offers stunning views on every hole of the surrounding areas especially Belfast Lough . This is the Par 3 18th hole which runs parallel to the Clubhouse. Very much a true test for any golfer who is scoring well and hoping to finish strongly to cap off a great round. The green itself runs from back to front and with its many breaks and borrows has caught out many a golfer with their trusty flat stick.